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3 Major Differences Between Optical Fiber and Wireless Communication


You must have heard about optical fiber. The way data is transmitted is different in the case of the optical fiber. It converts packets of data into a stream of light. This light travels from the sender to the receiver through a cable and then gets converted to its original form. Wireless communication, on the other hand, converts the data into electromagnetic waves. Here are the major differences between the two systems.


speedTheoretically, data is transmitted at the same speed in both cases. But practically, an optical fiber has more speed. When the network gets congested for too many people sharing the same bandwidth, the wireless network gets slower. Optical fiber, in this case, will be able to transmit data faster.


distanceWireless signals get weaker with distance. If the user is far away from the station, the signal will be weaker. Fiber optic wires can provide strong signal even at a distance. Even if a user is miles away from the station, he or she will get the same signal as someone close by will get.


mobilityPeople now browse the internet using portable devices. They can get access to the internet from anywhere. But wireless networks don’t work in some cities properly. You will experience drop calls and weak signals. Fiber optic can cover any city.

Many people use both Wi-Fi and fiber optics. This indicates that no one technology works perfectly. Their performance depends on the situation. So, you need to figure out what will work best for you.

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5 Latest Innovations in Wireless Technology


5-latest-innovations-in-wireless-technologyWe have wireless technology all around us today. The technology is improving and, now we have a speed that we never thought was possible to achieve with wireless technology.  Let’s look at the latest advancements in this area.


This Wi-Fi protocol will connect at speeds of 10Gbps with the help of 60GHz radio band. It is a much higher speed than what we are using today.  Most Wi-Fi networks have a speed of 1Gbps over 40GHz radio band now.

Bluetooth Smart

It is a short-range wireless technology. Like Bluetooth, it will connect to a range of 30-foot. But this new technology won’t send constant signal; thus, it will use less power. This network will be useful for collaboration.

Apple iBeacon

These are a retail version of Bluetooth Smart. Apple technology is used to send the signal to an iPad or iPhone. It will give information to shoppers; the information is picked up by the apps installed in the shopper’s iPhone or iPad. An in-store sensor network will be created and the shoppers will get product information, deals, and coupons.

Wireless in the Car

You can get high-quality wireless streaming in your car using this technology. So, you can have great connectivity during your long journeys by car. Using this system, you will be able to share data with maximum seven people around your car.

Cisco Intelligent Proximity

This system will be particularly helpful for those who participate in a video conference using Cisco Systems tool. The Android or iOS device can automatically connect to the system when you simply walk in the room. You can use it to get presentations and other documents related to your project.

These technologies have created a revolution. We can now share information without delay with multiple people. We will be able to work more efficiently using these new wireless technologies.

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Top 4 Benefits of Using a Wireless Network for Your Business

top-4-benefits-of-using-a-wireless-network-for-your-businessWireless network is gaining popularity. It is much better than other systems as you won’t have any cable lying around. Also, other important benefits make wireless network a lucrative choice.

Provides improved mobility

You can access the wireless network from anywhere. This is the primary reason why people are getting wireless systems for their business. You may sit in any corner of the building and still access the server comfortably. You can work from anywhere as long as it is within the range of the wireless network signal. Employees can share information in meetings.

Use any device

You can now get the wireless network on any device, including PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, gaming devices, and more. Employees usually bring their own devices, so companies don’t have to buy new hardware.

More productive

Business becomes more productive when a wireless network is installed. You will be able to complete tasks quickly. Employees can take their devices at home and work from theirs. They can also work when they are on the road.


Modern wireless network systems can meet the growing needs of your business. You might have to add more products as your business expands. You can easily add new users as well to the network.

Wireless networks are fast and reliable. It is protected by a password so that no one can use it without a proper login name and password. Company information is valuable. Wireless networks today have different security options to protect the company data so that you can install it in your office premise without hesitation.

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